Home Health Gold Reports

Boost 5-Star, PEPPER & VBP rankings

Clinical scorecards reveal who is hurting or helping your ratings.

Monitor and make changes while episodes are happening.

Study re-hospitalization reports by referral source, diagnosis, or team.

Day-to-day oversight. Inspect and verify agency operations.

Use data to manage staff activities within the community.

Evidence-based answers to management questions as they arise, 24/7.

Unparalleled potential to access your OASIS, visit, & staff activity data.

Home Health Gold software is unrivaled in the ability to combine your OASIS, visit and staff activity data. This gives you immediate access to your agency's store of information, and makes it possible to respond to day-to-day issues by making smart, evidence based decisions.

  • Simplify data mining and analysis.
  • Optimize reimbursements.
  • Improve Outcomes.
  • Provide smart, successful management.
  • Focus your precious time on obtaining timely answers.
  • Prepare for post-payment reviews, and prevent take-backs.
  • Identify and examine risky, audit-triggering episodes.
  • Subject 100% of your OASIS assessments to the largest array of edits & audits designed to deal with new Medicare demands, all prior to submission.